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Who can buy a one-way ticket?
A citizen of Ukraine has the right to fly abroad with one-way ticket in the following cases:

- If there is a visa-free regime between Ukraine and the destination states, and the transfer point;
- When person is leaving for permanent residence;
- When person has "bride" or "groom" visa;
- If person has visa for a year or nine months;
- If the person has the six-month work visa with the right for extension.
In other cases, you should have a return ticket.

When is the best time to buy a ticket to get a good price?
Ticket reservation for scheduled flights begins 365 days before departure. The earlier you book and buy a ticket, the cheaper it will cost you.

Do you need a transit visa for flights with transfers?
If you are traveling with transfers, in some cases you will need a transit visa. However, in most cases change of plane takes place within the transit zone. Be sure to check if it is necessary to obtain a transit visa. If you need to leave the transit area, to move to another airport or for forced overnight stay - in this case, you must have a transit visa. Remember that the transit visa allows you to stay in the country up to 3 days - in all other cases you need to get a regular visa.
If you are traveling with a transfer in the United States or Australia, you need a transit visa ALWAYS.

Seat order
Airlines do not always allow passengers to book a seat on the plane. We ask you to clarify if there is such a service on the flight your sales manager.

Canceled or delayed flight. What should I do?
If you find out about the cancellation at the airport, the representative of the airline can offer you an alternative next flight of this airline or the other airlines. If you do not like this offer, you should make a note on the ticket about the cancellation and make a refund at our agency.
If you know about the cancellation in advance, you should contact our agency to coordinate possible alternatives. If they do not suit you, you can get full amount of the purchased ticket without losses.

Attention! Just in case your flight is delayed more than for 3 hours, you can expect a full refund of the unused ticket. If your flight is delayed less than for 3 hours, the airline has the right to deny you to compensate.

What time is indicated on the ticket?
The ticket is always specified the local time of departure and arrival.

Why the fare is so cheap?
Special offers on our website include fare and all taxes.

Fares are applied only to transportation from origin point to point of destination. Fare – this is airline revenue (its fixed costs). The fare generally does not cover transportation services for transportation between airports and between airport and city air terminal.
Taxes – this is a fuel tax fee, services of the departure and destination airports, security at the airport.
Do not be surprised if these charges will exceed the tariff, sometimes it happens.

If you have any questions – please ask us, we're happy to answer!


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